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We offer alternatives for the industry players and individual users to solve problems such as significant attrition of certain components caused by increased stress or operation in a high temperature environment in the field of robotic technology, testing techniques (jig/fixture manufacturing), electronics industry, medical technology industry and automotive industry. Hardened steel and hard plastics are currently used for these purposes depending on the application parameters namely electric conductivity, temperature and chemicals.

We design and produce parts, single-purpose machines for ceramics and modify existing ones as well. Why do we offer ceramics? Firstly because the ceramics used by us has a hardness value of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (from 0 to 10) compared to the values of hardened steel (6) and diamond (10). In addition to that ceramics can also be used at around 800 degrees Celsius, can’t be magnetized, it’s an insulator, indifferent to acids and alkalis and it has flexural strength close to 1200 MPa, modulus of elasticity of 200 GPa and density of 6 g/cm3.

During the engineering process we take special care to design the ceramic part having chamfer edges and roundings therefore in spite of its hardness it won’t cause any damage in its environment for example during a testing period including millions of cycles. We always show the design completed to the clients in order to meet the demands for reaching their satisfaction.

We basically manufacture small sized objects so we can shape holes with very small radius according to the buyer’s wish without any difficulty. Our individual forms are produced by using a special manufacturing process which is a trade secret and thus we can’t share any details of it with our partners. Using this manufacturing process we are able to produce the 3D surfaces with high precision of 0,05 mm on demand and the product without any microcrack has a much longer life cycle. The drawback of its extreme hardness is that the material is very rigid but without microcracks it’s much more shock-resistant.

Ceramic parts can also be designed so that they could be easily applicable with screws. It’s a really cost-effective solution since it’s enough to produce only the necessary part which is mostly exposed to attrition and the other parts can be produced from cheaper plastic. We are flexible and helpful in working out different alternatives of solutions. We work on a quite wide range in producing 3D forms so it doesn’t cause any problems for us to produce special surfaces and roundings for outer and inner edges. For example in the case of testing the plug including the pins could be connected into the socket on a rounding surface without jamming thus avoiding unnecessary mechanical strain and damages.

Why choose us?

– It’s not easy to manufacture quality products even from plastic but we are capable of doing that from ceramics.

– Our individual solutions are tailor-made according to your request and before manufacturing you can see, comment and modify our design.

– We can manufacture products according to the client’s plan but on demand we arrange the whole procedure including the design and manufacturing of the ceramic part or single-purpose machine.

– You can buy the specially designed parts directly from us without having to pay the distributor’s additional charge.

– We are flexible regarding deadlines since we know that for you it’s at least as important as the high-quality manufacturing.

– It’s vital for us to be your reliable partner therefore we treat all the information including the details of design and manufacturing as confidential. In case of enquiry and request for quotation don’t hesitate to contact us via our website. Thank you for your enquiry in advance!

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